BigBrainLab, Inc. is a California based company, and is a maker of KpopTV and ChartMetric.

KpopTV is the best place to discover and enjoy Korean pop music videos. You can filter and sort music videos by the upload date, and views, ratings, as well as our proprietary sexy score, and cheesy score.

ChartMetric is a modern approach to tracking, measuring, and analyzing music data for music makers, labels, and marketers. Our engine collects music ranking and performance data from local charts as well as global music streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube. We use machine learning and natural language processing to organize and derive actionable insights. We also collect social media data from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to provide real time trends for artists. We begin with K-pop genre, but will expand to other genres such as hiphop, latin, and American pop in 2016.