Sungmoon Cho, founder and CEO, most recently worked as Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation. He was a founding member and lead engineer of Gamevil (KQ:063080, Market Cap: $600MM), where he initiated mobile game development and eventually positioned the company as a leading mobile game developer. Sungmoon graduated with a bachelor’s degree of electrical engineering and computer science from Seoul National University, and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management. He enjoys posting ideas on a blog (, which has attracted more than 4 million views in five years and is considered as a leading tech blog among Koreans.  

Sanghyun Lee, is software engineer and data hacker. Prior to joining BigBrainLab, he worked on a number of projects including wearable devices, Android version of smart TV, and WebOS during his time at LG Electronics. Sanghyun holds bachelor and master’s degree of software engineering from Carnegie Melon University.  

Kyungho Park, is full stack web and mobile developer. Most recently he was software engineer at education software startup KnowRe, Inc, where he worked on both web and mobile Android applications. Kyungho majored physics at SKKU.  

Minseung Song is product designer as well as a problem solver. He has over ten years of experience in the UX field with results shown in Samsung and Yahoo products. He delivered more than 50 products with over ten million people using them every day. These experiences taught him to fine-tune the creation of more effective, user-friendly mobile designs. He understands that it’s very important for a UX designer to deeply understand what users care about when designing and creating new features and product for the market. Minseung holds bachelor of fine arts (Design & Media) from Hongik University and master’s degree of interaction design at School of Visual Arts. He also created popular websites such as which is the most popular android UX pattern site, which is a collection of vehicle interface site and for car exterior pattern site.